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A long-term strategy to reduce costs and increase your productivity.


A complete solution to increase results and reduce costs.
According to the Photizo Group, the global cost of printing for companies, involving hardware, software, supplies and services can be as much as 3% of the company's income.

These costs are generally more difficult to identify in a conventional printing structure.

With outsourced printing, your company will be able to monitor, understand, control and optimize its global costs on printing, faxes and photocopies.


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"40% of all IT and Help Desk calls are related to printers and photocopiers, and 10% of the time used by IT teams is spent on their support."

Sources: Gatner Group and Photizo Group


Expenses relative to printing documents represents 3% of companies' earnings.

Sources: Photizo Group (c)2009 Hidden Saving a White Paper


One of the benefits we are obtaining with the new project is greater user productivity, which we estimate at 30% in relation to the previous printing system.

Reginaldo Mobrizi, IT Manager for Rossi Residencial


The implementation of printing outsourcing provides an average reduction of 30% in costs related to the printing department.

Source: Photizo Group (c)2009 Hidden Saving a White Paper


If 50% of the printing department of companies migrated to outsourced printing contracts, it is estimated that over 2 million tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced, the equivalent of removing 400,000 cars from the roads each year.

Source: Photizo Group (c)2009  Environmentally Friendly Hard Copy  The Environmental Impact of Managed Print Service


Many companies own more equipment than what they really need. Some possess up to 10 times more than necessary.

IDC 2009


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